Please participate in our digital quilt project.


Back in 2000, on a trip to beautiful Franklin, North Carolina, I got the
idea to make a digital quilt.  Each designer makes one square of the
quilt, and all the squares are pieced together.  Of course our quilt
will be moving and dynamically updated, but I'm getting ahead of
myself.  This is not an "arts" project.  It is a "crafts" project.

There will be 9 squares.  The entire quilt will be 450 X 450px.  Each
square will be 150 X 150px, like so --
150 || 150 || 150
150 || 150 || 150
150 || 150 || 150

Your square will link to your site (or whatever URL you specify), and
at the bottom of the page there will be a short atlas of sorts,
mapping squares to the URL's of their designers.

I'll host the quilts at http://www.playdamage.org/quilt/  I'm not 
buying digiquilt.com and taking out a banner ad at yahoo, because 
this is merely a personal crafts project.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make a 150X150
pixel animated gif that weighs < 40k, name it "quilt.gif", and put it
in the root directory of your site.  For example, mine would reside
at http://www.lab404.com/quilt.gif  If this naming convention presents
a problem, just put it somewhere else and tell me where you put it.

Your gif can actually be any dimensions, just be aware that it will
be called into the page at 150X150.  The squares will directly abutt
each other with no borders.  The outer edge of the entire quilt will 
have a 1 pixel black border.

You can change your gif as little or as often as you like.  Just make
a new gif and overwrite your old one in the same location, and the
quilt will be automatically updated.  feel free to use or remix gifs
you've already made.  I don't care.  All that is up to you.

You can participate in as many different quilts as you like. The only 
restriction is, you can't have multiple patches in the same quilt.

If you're in, please respond with a yes, tell me the URL you want me
to link to, make your gif, and upload it to the root directory of the
URL you specified.

I am excited and curious to see these quilts come together.

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