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The Market-O-Matic (1.0)
[fine arts version]

Copyright Information

Many of you (being marketers) have expressed an interest in marketing The Market-O-Matic (1.0) [fine arts version] to other marketers. Currently, our U.S. patent is pending. Until then, we at Market-O-Matic, Inc. have chosen to provide The Market-O-Matic (1.0) [fine arts version] free of charge, provided the following copyright caveats:

  1. The template text for The Market-O-Matic (1.0) [fine arts version] {hereafter referred to as TM-O-M(1.0)[fav]} was written by Curt Cloninger while in the self-employ of Lab404 Web Creations, and thus is the intellectual property of said proprietary entity (unless you don't bother changing any of the pull-down menus, in which case, the output is going to pretty much resemble various artist's statements gleaned from the top of the rhizome artbase. To those artists who got ripped: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.")

  2. The various supplemental words (parts of speech, etc.) are supplied and/or chosen by you, the user of TM-O-M(1.0)[fav], and thus should belong to you, provided that your government will grant you the intellectual property rights to a group of unrelated English words scattered throughout someone else's artist's statement template (check local listings for details).

  3. TM-O-M(1.0)[fav] concept belongs to Curt Cloninger, implemented in his free time while not in the self-employ of Lab404 Web Creations, yet conceived gradually over time while in the self-employ of Lab404 Web Creations by a perpetually functioning sub-partition of Curt Cloninger's brain that the clients of Lab404 Web Creations probably don't want to know about.

  4. TM-O-M(1.0)[fav] code was modified by Curt Cloninger, based on original code written by Nick Heinle. When Curt Cloninger purchased Heinle's book Designing with Javascript, Mr. Cloninger effectively purchased the rights to use and/ or modify Heinle's code. However Curt Cloninger didn't actually purchase Designing with Javascript; it was sent to him as a free evaluation desk copy while he was teaching at Southeast College of Technology, a subsidiary of Education America Inc., so said book probably belongs said corporate entity. Who the heck really knows?

  5. TM-O-M(1.0)[fav] was written in Javascript, an interpreted client-side scripting language developed by Sun Microsystems Inc. Portions of TM-O-M(1.0)[fav] were also written in Hyper Text Markup Language [hereafter referred to as HTML], a markup language created by Tim Berner's-Lee while in the employ of the Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire (also known as "CERN," "the European Council for Nuclear Research," or "the European Laboratory for Particle Physics"). The current standards and developement of HTML are maintained by various non-profit organizations (the foremost of which is w3.org) and simultaneously mangled by various browser manufacturers (the foremost of which are Microsoft and Netscape).

  6. The internet over which TM-O-M(1.0)[fav] operates was originally created by the Advanced Research Project Agency, a subsidiary of the U.S. military, but now the internet belongs to everyone or no one, depending on how you look at it. The question of which privately held company or government subsidiary layed the particular cable over which your particular data packets have traveled during this particular visit to TM-O-M(1.0)[fav] will be thankfully avoided due to the unique and boundary-confounding routing properties of Transfer Control Protocol (cf: the Unix "traceroute" command for more details).

  7. The animation used in TM-O-M(1.0)[fav] was tweaked and formed by Curt Cloninger using Adobe software products. The source images for said animation were skanked from some 1960's Braun ad campaign via a groovy CD-ROM called reternity, ©1998 Furniture AB and Furniture PublishingTM, All rights reserved, Made in Sweden. But I claim fair use, since the CD-ROM is from an art exhibit and since Braun is no longer actively marketing that particular product and since I'm not making any money off of TM-O-M(1.0)[fav] and since the chances of someone from Furniture AB and Furnitre PublishingTM visiting TM-O-M(1.0)[fav] are slim indeed and since even if someone from Furniture AB and Furnitre PublishingTM did visit TM-O-M(1.0)[fav], the worse that would probably happen is that they would ask me to take the animation down, which ain't no big deal.

  8. The logo for TM-O-M(1.0)[fav] was created using free (and groov-a-licious) BuroDestructDesigner software. I don't think I owe anybody anything there. Of course now you owe ME if you skank MY logo (you dirty rat), were I not already giving it away for free. (And why would you want it anyway?)

  9. The English language was developed over hundreds of years by generations of people in the western hemisphere, particularly concentrated in but not limited to the British Isles.

  10. God made all things visible and invisible.

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